Saturday, January 10, 2009

Treasure (Maybe Baby) Update

I just had to share the picture I received of the "little" orphaned filly I sold to Lucy in St. John and who know lives with Stephanie in Great Bend. See my 11/25/08 post about her.

I just couldn't be happier to see that she is thriving and has been loved and so well cared for. She has grown into such a lovely mare (yes, I know her neck is short) but it's hard to fault her anywhere else. Not too bad out of a 14.2 cow pony mare! Just for fun, here is a picture of Maybe at just a couple of weeks old:
Thanks again so much to Lucy and Stephanie for the updates and taking such wonderful care of this FABULOUS Eddie baby!

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horserazr said...

wow...isn't she gorgeous.. so what if her neck is too short.. she is beautiful and loved.. how much better can life be for a horse in todays world. Congratulations to all concerned.