Saturday, January 10, 2009


Thanks so much to my dear friend Kim Noyes, I'll be able to take one of my babies to the 5-Star Futurity in Lincoln, NE on September 5th!

I am so very excited! I've already nominated Eddie so his foals are eligible to show and his name will appear in their Horsepower ad. Kim nominated her gorgeous boy VJM Rumor Has It ("Bubba"--see link for NSN Paint Horses at left) and Darlene has added her wonderful boy Almighty ("Al"--see link for Painted Prairie Farm on left). We're going to have a blast!

Of course the big question now will be who to take? I've been mulling it over and while I still have several months to decide and will be watching all the foals closely, I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that it very well could be Bambi! After all she's been through--not even thinking she'd make the trailer ride home when we rescued her--it very well could be that she's going to be "the one!" I'll be pushing her a little in the next few months as my only big concern about her is that she's a very average height, so we'll see how she comes along. It would sure make for an amazing story, though, how this little girl we thought might not ever live a normal life because of the severe neglect she suffered through has gone on to grow into a lovely filly worthy of futurity consideration. Who would have guessed?!?

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