Thursday, July 28, 2011


I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. I have a good excuse, though. I've been in ninja-training.

Not really.

Betty went to her new home, though!

She's in northern Colorado now, where it's not 118 degrees, which it was here yesterday. Maybe I should have stipulated that I go where ever Betty does, at least for the next eight weeks.

I also enrolled in college (again).

I have been pretty stressed out with having to jump through quite a few hoops to be approved to pursue a second degree. Thankfully it's all worked out, though. Now I can concentrate on stressing about getting into graduate school!

I also managed to get a job that will work with my school schedule.

I used to wait tables when I went to school the first time. It actually was pretty good money--more money than I would make working minimum wage somewhere a few hours a week, and I enjoy the pace as well.

Did I think when I went to law school that I'd be back waiting tables one day? Nope. But the way I see it, the rest of my life right now is a lot like my house--a little sacrifice and discomfort now will hopefully pay off exponentially a few years down the road.

And in the meantime, I can always fall back on my ninja training.



smazourek said...

Holy crap, I've fallen severely behind somehow, so many changes. When did you sell Betty? Plus you have a new boy that I somehow missed?

Cyber stalking you- I'm not doing it well.

Jessie said...

ROFL!!! That last line made me laugh so hard!! I gave Betty to a good home because I won't be able to send her to a trainer, which she would need. She's got an amazing home, too. Then I got Clipper because he needed a good home and he's more my speed--he's got 60 days on him already and so I can just continue on from there, plus he's older and more experienced with general life issues, so he can sit around and not fall behind on things more easily, so he fits in well here. Things have changed pretty quickly but no worries--I can't keep up with them all myself! LOL!!

Spiritartartist said...

Somehow I knew that you've been a very busy lady, not just sitting around in an air conditioned room eating bon bons! :-D

Nicole said...

I've been having difficulties going back to persue a second degree. I got irritated with the financial aid dept yesterday and basically told her that the govt thinks if you already have one degree F You (and yes I said F not the real word). She was like oh, well I"m sorry you feel that way, but I've had to jump through so many dang hoops too :(

TeresaA said...

ninja skills always come in handy :)
congrats on finding a new home for Betty and on going to college!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow, you have been busy. Of course with all your organizational skills it will all be manageable. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

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