Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time To Pay

Today I ran to Wichita (and boy are my legs tired...nyuk, nyuk) to get a few things taken care of so I can enroll in college (again) on Friday. I managed to make it up there quite early, and WSU is so friendly and helpful that I had everything done by 11am. I didn't want to go home and sit in a hot house, so I decided I'd go have lunch and then see what the day brought. I was good for lunch--a salad with grilled chicken--and then I decided to walk around the mall for a bit. After I got bored with that, I decided to head west and stop in at a couple more stores to look around before heading home.

Unfortunately on my way across town I drove right past a Coldstone Creamery. Now, I can't imagine anyone not knowing what a Coldstone Creamery is, but just in case, it's the most super-delicious and most-evil ice cream store ever. I haven't been in one since last September, but over the last two weeks I've had wicked cravings for ice cream, cake, and brownies (cursed sweet tooth). I've been doing well, exercising and eating right, and have managed to get back down to my pre-lay-off weight, but the cravings have been standing their ground. Seems they cannot be stopped.

Viva la brownies and other scrumptious treats!

I went to my stores, but the call of Coldstone held its horrific grip on me until I could resist no more. Before I knew it I was inside ordering a Birthday Cake Remix.

And it's not even my birthday.

To my credit, I did only get the "like it" size. And I didn't even eat it all.

OK, I ate it all, but I didn't lick the bowl.

OK, I licked the bowl. [looks away in shame]

Anyway...the good news is that my cravings have been successfully quenched, but the bad news is now I have to figure out how to burn off all those calories this evening--625 calories to be exact!

Oy vey!!

Well, today I was planning on doing pilates anyway (which I try to do every-other day for my back), so we can automatically subtract that: -119 calories for a half-hour of pilates.

That leaves 506 calories. I'm in a heap o'trouble. Here are my options:

Shoot a bow and arrow for almost two hours.
Blog for five hours straight.
Play the accordion for a little over three hours.
I could ice fish for 2.75 hours, but sort of hard to do in 109-degree weather.
Skydive for an hour and a half.

Eh, maybe I'll just jump on the treadmill until I collapse. I tell you though, it was almost worth it.

Sweet dreams,


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Hilarious post!

625 calories is not that bad... a tub of Haagen Dazs is usually 1000 or so ;)

smazourek said...

Surely you have some hay that needs moving ;)

I don't think ice cream calories count in the summer. Doesn't the heat just burn them off?

Nicole said...

I signed up to go back to school... I wish mine was so easy but it's been a nightmare!

And I just for the first time on Monday had Coldstone Creamery. It was my dinner so I didn't sweat it to much :)