Friday, October 7, 2011

Never Say Never

I've learned never to say "never" anymore.

I used to say "never" all the time.  I used to say I'd never live in Missouri.

And then I lived in Missouri.

I used to say I'd never live in Texas.

Then I lived in Texas.

I remember when I lived in Arizona, the property my ex found to rent had an old chicken coop on it.  We had to clean it out so we could use it as hay storage and I think it was the first time in a decade that the building had been cleaned out.  It was the nastiest, most dusty, most disgusting thing I've ever had to clean and on that day I swore I'd never own chickens.

Well, we all know how that story went, don't we?

I also swore I'd never own a mutt.  I'd also never own a puppy. I'd also never own a little dog.

Sophie wiped out all those nevers with one loving look from those darling brown eyes. Of course since then I've gotten another small puppy (Evie) as well, just to make it official.

So now days I don't ever say "never."  Instead, I say "I don't see that happening," except for one statement:

"I will never win the lottery."

So far fate hasn't proven me wrong, but I am daring it to.

Make My Day,


Annette said...

I used to say I would never have a little dog too. I still don't, but I can sure picture it.
I also said we would never have chickens or goats. Just horses.
Yeah, right.

Nicole said...

haha I used to say I'd never date a guy for longer than 5 years without a commitment... I went 5 1/2... I said I'd never date/marry a guy with a kid... yup I did, I said I'd never marry a guy who had been married before... dang, happened again.... sigh!