Monday, October 24, 2011

Someday, Sunday

This was quite a productive weekend for me.  I was able to find some very basic grass hay for the horses to play in between their morning and evening feedings, which due to my hectic schedule, can sometimes run as far apart as 5am to 1am.  

The kids were sure to tear into it right away...

...and spread it all over the place as much as possible.

It makes for a good scratching post as well.

This grass hay isn't meant to replace their usual meals as it is a mix of old grass and new and basically has little to no nutritional value, but since the horses have zero pasture access and very little hay available because of the drought, these bales will serve as basically a boredom-reducer.

Fabian agrees--it's not great, but it's something....

Then Fabian tells me not to speak for him anymore.

You don't see Bambi in these pictures because unfortunately we had a pretty scary episode of some sort of colic/digestive distress happen Thursday afternoon through Friday and after an emergency trip to the vet my wonderful friends over at Painted Prairie Farm offered to put Bambi in their "intensive care" area of their ranch so she can have eyes on her 24/7 as she recovers.  I missed class Friday, which will really set me behind, and I had to work Friday night and was not able to get out of my shift, so I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life to help me out in a bind like this.  Bambi is in terrific hands and will hopefully be well enough to come home next week.  Since some days I am gone for up to 20 hours, it makes perfect sense that she be somewhere where she can be watched at all times.

It was a scary and exceedingly stressful situation, but I am blessed to have wonderful friends help me through it.  

This weekend Dad also made more progress on the south building's roof, which I'll post about soon. The chickens and turkeys got plenty of time outside their pen as well.  One little hen took the time to smell the marigolds.

Marigolds really don't have that great of a smell, which I think she discovered.....

The dogs also stretched their legs!

Sophie was beside herself with joy because she got to travel so much with me this weekend.  Saturday morning she accompanied me to the co-op so I could get a couple of tires patched (one on the trailer and the other on the truck), and then she went with me to get the hay bales.  Silly girl is a travel'n dog.

I also had a bit of good news over the weekend--Gray Kitty is back!  I had three cats fixed at the beginning of this year--Milton, his momma, and his sister, Gray Kitty.  Well, gray kitty promptly disappeared, seemingly unable to forgive me for her ordeal at the vet.

I had no idea what happened to her, but assumed she had been either eaten by a coyote or strayed off to a neighbor's farm.  However, this weekend, she arrived and announced I would be feeding her as much as she could eat at all times.

These barn cats know I'm a sucker.  Right Momma?

In case you don't speak kitteh, that face means "yes ma'am!"

Fluent in Feline,

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope Bambi is okay. It's good you have friends who can keep an eye on her. Gray Kitty came home because it's almost winter and she knows who'll feed her! Haven't been here in a while but looks like you've got it all under control. Must be working hard and studying hard too. You're a busy gal. Don't forget to take a rest once in a while or you'll wear yourself out at this pace.