Tuesday, June 14, 2011

620 Bricks on the Ground

For the past two days all I've pretty much done (except for the few hours I've spent sending out resumes) is load bricks, unload bricks, and lay out bricks.

See, the town about 20 miles away that I grew up in has always had a bricked main street.

But that's all about to change. They're ripping up all the bricks and paving the road smooth.

The good news, for me at least, is that they are giving away the bricks for free. I'm trying to take advantage of all the free bricks and finish my landscaping project I started this spring, documented here.

This meant I had to pull up all the bricks I already laid because they didn't match, but it's worth it. I think I'll use those bricks for the porch up by the house. The larger, redder bricks don't have quite as much character as the old fireplace bricks, but they are free, and there are plenty of them, so I'll be able to take this path all the way around to behind my horse shelters and even use them to pave the tie-area, so I'll have a nice place to groom and tack up my horses.

Of course I'll need to set them in properly eventually, but for now I am just laying them out to make sure I'm picking up enough. I also have to run electricity to the shelters before I set the bricks in.

One more project I'll be doing is creating a white trellis with a seat to put right under that tree (between the trunk and the light pole) facing the horse pens, so on nice evenings I can relax and watch the horses eat. I'll move some of the trumpet vine to that trellis so it won't hurt anything, and then I'll plant some shade-loving hedge behind it, sectioning off that part of the back yard so it will make for a neat little private area.

I also managed, with Dad's help on Sunday, to get some of the fencing put up by the horse shelters. I haven't ordered gates yet so I had to put a regular panel up, plus we need to order a lot more fencing for the posts in the foreground.

But at least it is set up so the horses can get to their shelters now. Thankfully we haven't had much in the way of rain or storms so they've been doing well with the windbreaks. Now they can finally have their proper shelter back.

The horses all enjoyed inspecting the area once I turned them out.

Then the turkeys felt they needed to inspect, or perhaps supervise the unloading of the bricks.

I swear they think they are "helping."

What they really do is stand on the bricks I'm trying to move, see their reflection in the glass and start peeping to themselves.

They really are the oddest, funniest creatures.

They remind me of family....

A storm came through and interrupted my work.

I wouldn't complain, but it didn't rain a single drop, so I fully intend to complain, dern it.

The chickens knew it wasn't going to rain. They stayed out doing what chickens do....

In this case, going through my compost pile looking for insects.

The chickens have also figured out that the horses drop all sorts of goodies from the grain buckets after feeding time.

I think Bambi can spare a few crumbs for her feathered friends....

By the way, I announced on Facebook and Twitter, but in case you missed it, Bambi ultra-sounded in foal to Almighty! One single, perfect embryo--crystal-clear on the screen, too. Vet estimated her at 22 days which would make her due date April 22, 2012. I'll get her checked at 60 days as well, just to make sure she doesn't absorb.

Lots done, lots to do, and lots to look forward to!


Annette said...

Mixed feelings on the bricks: How horrible to pave Main Street! -and- What a great deal for you! (Brett is green with envy)

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Whaaa... you have turkeys now? And the chickens are so big. Where have I been lately? Love the bricks, their history and freeness are awesome:)

KSLongrider said...

I like the brick pathway you're doing. Nice layout.

smazourek said...

YAY, baby pictures are coming!

Nicole said...

heck I'd jump at free bricks too! And I still think it is amazing your chickens/turkeys can run freely without your dogs killing them!

btw I found you on twitter :)

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Lovin some free bricks :) Congrats on the foal to be - exciting!!

Darlene said...

I'm TELLING you Jess... you've got to market yourself as a designer! You have SUCH a knack for interior AND exterior design...honestly you do! It's a gift... some people cant see it, and some people can and you CAN! That's where your future would lie if you'd pursue it. Hire yourself out as a consultant! LOL

Spiritartartist said...

I'm impressed with the free bricks and all the headway you are making on your place. Lookin' good! Oh, and congratulations grandma!

Jessie McCandless said...

Annette, I know--it's sad to see a piece of history go, but I am glad I've been able to get the bricks. LOL--I bet Brett would love these bricks :) I need his help with my steps, though! I need to revisit your blogs to see how he did yours.

Jennifer--yep, I ended up with 6 poults. Three originals and then three on clearance LOL. The chickens have grown so fast. They already think they own the place :)

Hi Barry! Thanks so much!! Hope all is well up your way.

Shannon, you will need to wait 310 more days or so LOL.

Nicole--thanks for finding me! I will get on there and follow you back :) I had a couple of go-arounds with the dogs but we finally got it worked out. I do have to keep Milton inside until everyone is in the coop. He won't listen to reason....

I am super excited about this foal--more on him or her later :)

Thanks so much Darlene--you make me blush! LOL I would love to do something like that full time but no one would hire me. Therein lies the problem.....

Thank you, too Spirit. I think things are coming along. It's never fast enough, you know, but it's getting there :)

Vintage West said...

Congrats to Bambi!
All those bricks for free, that's the deal of the century and you get the history of your town in your yard :)