Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Two-Day Sprint

First of all, thank you so much to everyone for all their kind words regarding my last post. I am so appreciative for all the support. It really helped me get through a difficult day.

The last two days have been very busy, but I feel very accomplished, so it's all good! Yesterday morning I got up first thing and took my trailer over to a guy I had asked to work on it for me so he could get started, and when I got back, it was time for the farrier, Amber, to come out.

Paula let her feelings be known....

There is no doubt my girl has a 'tude.

The dogs, on the other hand, LOVE it when the farrier comes out!

As soon as Amber left my handi-guy called and he already had the trailer done!

I had asked him to weld more supports along the bottom (it only had a lip at the front, one towards the middle-back and then the back--that's it!). Then I asked him to go ahead and install the floor I had purchased a while back for me. The floor before was probably better than a lot of people use, but I can't bring myself to take chances with something so important. The older I get, the more I worry, and my trailer floor is one thing I'd rather not have to worry about.

I was so incredibly pleased with the finished product!! This is the same guy that came out and did the bobcat work for me. He's really young, and I have to admit, when I first contacted him I was a bit skeptical. The old fogey in me made me wonder how much he'd actually get done (plus my experience from being around other young guys that Dad had hired last year who were too wasted to work by the time they left *sigh*). But this "kid" is an incredibly hard worker who takes great pride in everything he does. He is always very reasonable with his prices and he works for every penny of it. I wish he could work on my house, too! It's always nice to find people in the area who are fair and take pride in the work they do. This trailer floor is going to last me for a very long time. It's solid, safe and now I won't worry about hauling my horses. I am absolutely tickled to have it done, and done so well at that!

This morning I spent some time transplanting some of the hearty bermuda grass from my paddocks... Eddie's grave.
I had actually leveled out the soil before I did the transplant, but when I watered it sank again, so I have some more work to do.

The poor Bradford pear trees aren't looking so great. They've had a really rough year. I bought them on clearance so they were a bit neglected anyway, but then they had every leaf eaten off them by grasshoppers last summer and managed to pull through. Then the winter was pretty brutal, so they didn't flower but at least they lived. Now this drought--poor things. If they survive all this they will be some tough old trees!

Hopefully the bermuda grass will take hold and spread out in this area like it did in my paddock. It chokes out the weeds so well and looks pretty nice once it gets going.

Then this afternoon I finished organizing my shop. If you don't remember, here's what it looked like before:

And today, it's finally done!

I still need to move some things from around the farm into here, but it will be so nice to have everything all organized in one area!

This evening I also weeded my shade garden but didn't get any pictures of it. It's a sad sight, I'm afraid. Note to self: refrain from starting new gardens during a drought.



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Amber? How long has she been trimming/shoeing for I think I might know her.

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