Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Pun

They said to expect a blizzard and up to a foot and a half of snow.

Thankfully, it wasn't quite that bad.

Although we did get a nice sheet of ice on everything before the snow arrived, making travel nearly impossible, so we all have a bit of cabin fever here on the farm...

...except the girls.  They thought the snow was cool!


Charlie, being his ever-chilled-out self wondered what the big deal was.

Although the girls might have been getting on his nerves.  To him, they were skating on thin ice.

Of course after this post you can call me flaky.  I promise I won't have a meltdown,


Nicole said...

hehehehe... you're so clever!

Grey Horse Matters said...

The dogs look like they're having fun. Hope you don't get any blizzards and have a very Merry Christmas.