Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Around the Farm--Memorial Day Weekend Edition

It's been a while since I brought my camera out around the farm with me.  Working nights has me thrown a little bit off my usual habits.  I'll try to be a bit better about it in the future.

"Yeah, what's up with that anyway?"

Besides Rusty giving me a hard time, the other animals were more than happy to cooperate.  Some even posed.

Others were oblivious to everything except a possible meal.

Some of the critters even attempted an artistic approach.

I've considered showing this chicken, but I have no idea how to show a chicken.  Do I need a chicken show halter?  Do they have chicken show sheen?

Believe it or not this is one of my Rhode Island Red/Easter Egger cross chicks.  They grow up so fast!

I didn't just take pictures of animals.  This is an antique dirt mover.  I want to plant mums in it this fall, but I might have to wait a few years for this drought to be over.

Dad and I put up more continuous pipe fencing this weekend.  I think it's coming along well!  This pen is almost finished.

The horses don't know it, but as soon as I get the rest of the continuous fencing up, I will get my roundpen panels back and then it's back to work for them lazy bums!

I don't know...maybe Paula is aware of that fact, because she tried to impersonate a llama today.

Completely off the subject, here is your gratuitous Charlie shot of the week.  Fourteen years old and going strong--I hope he sticks around for fourteen more :)

The girls keep him young, I think.  They're always looking for some sort of shenanigans to get into.

The chickens don't care about shenanigans.  They just want their corn.  

Helen says that's right--now fork it over, human!

I'd better listen to her and get to it. 

No rest for the weary,

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