Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Camry Replacement

Last November I had a bit of a disagreement with a deer concerning who had the right-of-way, which resulted in my Toyota Camry being totaled.

A few months ago I thought I was going to buy my dad's Sequoya, since he really wants a Tundra.  The only problem is that nice used Tundras are hard to find at a reasonable price (they just do not ever depreciate) and a new one would be difficult for him to take good care of since he works down a pretty rough dirt road.  So, he's decided to wait until he's retired and then go ahead and splurge on a brand new one.  On the flip side, I was driving the Sequoya back and forth to school and while I loved the vehicle, being a poor college student, I needed something a bit better on gas mileage.  Dad and I talked and decided he'd take the Sequoya back and we'd look for a more fuel-efficient Camry replacement for me--most likely another Camry.

Saturday I was relaxing at home since I had gotten everything I needed to do done before the weekend, but my weekend plans got postponed.  It was nice not to have to do ANYTHING, but then I got a call from Dad.

"I found your car."

"You did?  What is it?"

"A Lexus."

"Stop joking."

"They're holding it for you. I'm coming to pick you up--meet me in Pratt in an hour."

We got to Wichita and Dad was right--there was my car!  While it is five years older than my Camry was (which is the ONLY reason I could afford this car), it has 90K less miles and is in PERFECT condition.  I can't believe this was on a used car lot.  It certainly wouldn't have been there for long!  Thankfully Dad has done a lot of business at the place so they were happy to hold the car until I got there and the business part didn't take long.  Soon I was driving my "new" car home!

I hadn't had a chance to test drive it--I had taken Dad's word for it as I needed to get home before it got dark (my new chicks were outside for the first time), so as I merged out onto the highway I was so pleased with the performance of the car that I started giggling uncontrollably.  I was absolutely giddy!!

Not bad for a 12 year old car, eh?

The car had Lexus dealership service sticker on it, so I called to ask them about the service records on the car.  The guy looking up the records said, "Wow, they REALLY took care of this car!"  Hopefully I can avoid the pheasants and deer and keep this car in mint condition.  

Oh, and that means Sophie isn't allowed in it, either.  

Homegirl knows the truck is all hers, anyway :~)

My passionate pursuit of perfection,


Alan T Hainkel said...

Very nice... Wouldn't mind being able to take a ride in it myself... :D

smazourek said...

Nice wheels!