Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eddie's Girls

You might have noticed that I added some of my favorite links to the left side of my blog page. All these people are friends and/or people who have supported Eddie and believe in his potential as a sire. I'm very excited for the next few years for him--he is breeding at a level I was close to achieving but just wasn't able to accomplish due to factors in my life beyond my control. I am so incredibly proud to have Eddie promoted at his high of a level. I've never had a doubt in my mind that he absolutely deserves it, and I'm incredibly happy that I'm not the only one who can see that he has a lot to add to today's APHA and AQHA horses.

This year he was only bred to two mares due to my loss of job and home (and therefore place to keep him and my mares), but they are two truly outstanding mares. The first one is Shameless Traditions, a point-producing daughter of 4-Time World Champion (the ONLY horse to ever win consecutive AQHA world championships from his yearling year to aged) Noble Tradition and out of a Conclusive-bred mare with a fantastic AQHA All-Round Champion bottom line. "Rita" has been verified in foal, due 1/30/09. I absolutely can't wait for this foal and am very pleased that he or she will end up in the hands of a very capable promoter--Kelly Fulton. Eddie and Rita both now reside with Kelly at Fulton's Crossing Ranch in Hermiston, OR. Here is a very pregnant Rita just last week:

The second mare to be bred to Eddie this year was Seza Impressive One, aka "Crazy." This great old mare came to me from Linda Cole near Topeka. She is a ROM producer that has been bred to some outstanding horses during her career as a broodmare, including the great Zips Chocolate Chip. She is older, but in excellent health and despite her name is a very sweet, lovely old mare. She was pasture bred to Eddie during his stay with Vicki Morgan (thanks so much Vicki for taking such amazing care of my special guy), and Crazy has not been vet checked yet, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!! Here is a picture of this grand old gal:

I will make another post soon of the outstanding mares he will be bred to next year. I can't wait! Thanks again Kelly for believing in Eddie and taking him that next step when I was unable to. You're the answer to my prayers for him! :)

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jess said...

My mom and dad bred and raised "Crazy"! I had ran across her name on-line about a year ago and had e-mailed Vicki about her. We sold her to Larry Hurlbert when I was @ 14 (I'm 32 now!) on trade for my first pleasure horse (grew up on cutters). She grew into a lovely mare...Larry gave her the name "Crazy" when she stepped off the trailer. She'd never been hauled before and it was a 3 hour trip in a terrible storm up to his place, and she was a mess! Bless her heart...but she did have her quirks...and I guess the name stuck! She started out life as "Questions" b/c of the star/strip she has. I am going over to visit with my parents tonight and know exactly where the old pics are of her and her dam (who was a mare WAY ahead of her time). If you will send me your e-mail, I will scan them and e-mail them to you!
Jessica Parris
Dexter, MO