Wednesday, October 8, 2008

EVERY person in the horse business needs to see these two posts

From one of my favorite blogs. People, please think about what you're breeding:

We CAN fix our market. But it's up to all of US to do it.


Fulton's Crossing Ranch said...

Your right, we can fix the market! AS horrible as it sounds those "common" and "crappy" horses are what is driving the market down... (OH and our goverment and the economy!)

I have always believed that you only breed the best to the best! In this day and market... if your going to breed, you better be able to promote, show and work your butt off to market your stallion, mares and foals. The one trick a lot of us breeders are doing is listing our foals on Dreamhorses, HalterHorseAds, ShowHorseForum, as soon as they foal and keep updating the photo's (just be honest if you are not willing to sell until AFTER the fall futurities).

The link on auctions is sad. We have a large auction coming to Hermiston in a week and I am willing to bet money that there will be wonderful horses being given away there too! Thus why I will not go, I will end up bringing them all home, LMAO!

Thanks for posting these Jessie!

Mom said...

It appears that stupid people shouldn't breed either, but do!