Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, I've finally gotten moved in. I love the place, but it is a bit spooky being out there by myself, then to have Sophie sit on the couch and growl out the dark windows! The girl is freaking me out! I am considering asking my landlord if I can bring out my 87-year old grandmother's Great Pyrenees. She is getting where she can't take very good care of Dutchess, the 140 lb wonder dog. Last I saw her she had hairballs all over and she is still young and so big, my grandma just can't teach her very good manners. It's tough to ignore a dog like that when she wants to play! We'll see...I don't need the food bill but the security would be nice. She'd never harm a soul, but she's intimdating enough to keep anyone meaning harm to the place to find out!

I did want to mention that in the next few months, in an effort to avoid additional costs, I will have no internet service at home, so I apologize in advance if there is a delay in my response. Work has been incredibly busy as well. I love my job, so no worries, but my love for my work certainly doesn't create any extra time--in fact, I think it may be just the opposite!

That's it for the updates. As far as what's on my mind, it's probably the same as what's on everyone elses--money. I've been thinking hard of what I can do to cut costs or make a little extra on the side. Let's hear it--leave a comment and let everyone know what you're doing to save/make money in these tough times. Here's what I'm doing:

--Stop eating out--even for one person it can add up. Along the same lines, renew your love for Ramen--try differnet flavors, you never know :) Other cheap meals include grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, chili, burritos, and peanut butter.

--Only drive when you absolutely have to. Look up "hypermiling:"

--Watch your consumption with everything! Conservation in every aspect cuts costs.

--Learn what you can live without. Mine is TV. While cable is nice, it's something I can definitely live without.

--Cut out the waste. If something goes bad in the fridge, don't buy any more for at least 6 weeks. If you didn't use it up then don't keep buying it. It sounds simple, but if you think about it, repurchasing spoiled items is something we tend to do a lot of, just because we get comfortable in buying certain things all the time.

I'd love to hear what everyone else has to say!

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fultonscrossing said...

Well if you can't get the dog, ask if he will allow a 180lb crazy woman to move in next door?!?!
I hate moving and when I moved in here I swore that they would have to kill me before I would move again, I don't think I have any takers on shooting me so either I will have to move again or die an old nasty bitty in the front swing, LOL!
Glad to know your all moved in and excited for when the big kids can move it too!