Friday, October 3, 2008

The Plan

Since my website isn't up, I'd like to share a little bit about the future plans for Rose Valley Ranch. First, I'm not doing any breeding in the foreseeable future. Eddie thankfully has an outstanding home where he's continuing on with what I wanted for him for so many years--to be bred to top mares, to be loved and well cared for, to have a happy life where he's understood for the big goofy guy he is :) Since he's pretty much set, there's no reason for me to breed any more foals. I've been so fortunate that Eddie has had some really great foals, and I have ended up with three amazing ones:

Filthy N Fabulous, 2006 APHA/AQHA/PtHA Gray Overo Mare, HYPP N/N
(out of a daughter of AQHA World Champion Dirty Larry)
"Paula" will be started under saddle as soon as she recovers from neglect and starvation from the leasing nightmare we found ourselves in. Paula was kindly evaluated by a World Champion trainer and she considered her to be a western horse, which is good news to me--I love WP! Paula will be in training next spring and hopefully ready to make some local shows by next summer. We are planning on taking things slow and easy--we have lots of time together as Paula is no longer for sale. She's a keeper. As my riding skills increase to what they used to be, I hope we'll be able to enter many more events in the future.

Beyond Fabulous (pending), 2008 APHA/AQHA/PtHA Sorrel Mare, HYPP N/N
(out of a double-bred Obvious Conclusion mare)
"Bambi" has had to go through more than any foal her age should have to. Her pregnant momma fell into the wrong hands and by the time my friend Darlene and I were able to save them, we thought for sure Bambi was going to die. She is as strong as her parents, though, and she recovered better than anyone would have ever thought. I teased Darlene that she must have traded out horses just to make me feel better! I'm going to let Bambi take it easy, be a happy-go-lucky baby and hopefully when she's older I can set to work showing her. She's really gorgeous and although it was heartbreaking how it came about, I'm so glad I ended up with her.

Name Pending, "JJ", 2008 APHA/AQHA/PtHA Sorrel Overo Colt, HYPP N/N
(out of a dau of top-5 World son of Sonnys Securitee and full sister to halter winner)

"JJ" is the colt I had always hoped for in breeding Eddie. His dam was another rescue--she was pulled out of a feedlot from a load scheduled to go to slaughter that week by LaDonna in Missouri. Thankfully she contacted me to let me know that she had a mare named Sully who she thought I'd be interested in. Sully recovered very nicely and in time to bred--the result is JJ. Sully now lives with my good friend Vicki Morgan. Vicki takes amazing care of her horses and has been so incredibly kind to let me take JJ, the colt I had always hoped for and wanted so badly. Thank you with all my heart, Vicki!!
And then the odd one out, but a filly that I feel can really help me out with keeping Bambi company, and she might even show in the future, plus she's as cute as a bug's butt, and has such a spunky attitude, she'll definitely fit in around here:

Ex Coosa My Wildfire (pending), 2008 APHA Sorrel Overo Mare, HYPP pending
(by a point-producing son of Superior Halter horse Kootenai Wildfire out of Coosas First, by a 2001 APHA Leading Sire of APHA Champions out of a daughter of Coosa)

~Picture coming soon of this amazing little girl. Ripped off her momma at only a few weeks old by the same man who neglected Eddie so badly when he was injured, "Little Baby" was purchased by my good friend Darlene, who seems to have acquired a specialty in rehabilitating unfortunate weanlings! "Little Baby" isn't going to be as little as we thought--she is ALL legs right now. Her spunky attitude reminds me so much of my beloved little mare Chic, who I lost a few years ago. Darlene has offered to let Little Baby come to my house with Bambi to keep her company while I show JJ and Paula. They will be allowed to grow up together and hopefully mature into gorgeous young mares together! Thank you Darlene for all your hard work and help with Bambi, Paula, and Little Baby!

Finally, thanks so much to Kelly Fulton for taking such outstanding care of Eddie, promoting him like he should be, and believing in him. I am so appreciative, too, of all the help and support from my family, from Sandra Layton, Angela Rhodes, Kim Noyes, Kristi Van Etten, my sister Elizabeth, my dad Robert, my mom Diana, and so many others who have been incredibly kind and supportive during these really difficult last two years.

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