Friday, October 10, 2008

One Small Request

I've decided Little Baby and Bambi need new barn names. They are like two peas in a pod, bff's, and I think it would be cute to have barn names that go together for them. I thought about Hope and Grace, but there's got to be better ones out there. So go ahead--write a comment and let me know your suggestions. It's time to think about the future and these cute girls need some cute names! :)


Donna Westmoreland said...

What about leaving Bambi's name and changing the other ones name to Thumper......or Faline...I think that is how it is spelled. i love the name Bambi you gave her.....

Jessie Baker said...

Thanks! I had thought about that :) I'd like to change Bambi's name, though, for two reasons. First, she got her name from the person who neglected her--she thought it was cute that Bambi was so small from malnutrition that she looked like a fawn. Second, her sister born the same year is also named Bambi, as well as another mare her daddy will be bred to. Too many Bambi's and just too many bad feelings around how she got her name. Now that she's recovered and will be ok, it would be nice to have a new name with the fresh start. Thumper *would* be cute for Baby, though! LOL!

Jessie Baker said...

OK, here are the ones I came up with so far....
Idgie & Ruth (Fried Green Tomatoes)
Thelma & Louise (thanks, Kim)
Emily & Charlotte (Bronte sisters)
Ginger & Mary Ann
Lucy & Ethel
Betty & Wilma
Chanel & Gucci
Scarlet & Tara
Charlotte & Miranda (Sex & the City)
Daphne & Phoebe

Mom said...

China and Crystal (both fine)

Jessie Baker said...

Awww.. too cute. I'll have to think on it some more. In the meantime I'll post some of Baby's pics :)