Friday, September 24, 2010

Combining Laughs

Working where I do, I often get some pretty impressive emails from our guys out in the field. These emails usually involve combines in extenuating circumstances.

For some reason, combines can be pretty darned funny at times.

Take this guy, for example. The story is that he had 25 acres on the other side of the river, so rather than go the long way around, he decided he'd just drive through the river.

I mean, surely there is nothing that can go wrong with this plan, right?

Except he can't get the combine up the other bank. A tractor is called in....

This just can't end well. It's like watching a train wreck, only with farm machinery...and fast-moving water.

It looks like the tractor is getting out...

And then it's further down the river.

The combine is in the same place.

No more pics after that. My guess is the guy taking the pics decided it was better to stop, lest the insurance company find out what really happened to the combine.

I wonder what kind of policy coverage this combine owner had?

Now you'll appreciate the extra effort that goes into harvesting hot beans, versus mild.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Now, dear readers, you've surely heard of the sinkholes that are occuring all over the world. They've swallowed up city buildings and cars...

and a combine.

Can you imagine, just driving along, in your air-conditioned cab, listening to the tunes on the radio, perhaps checking your GPS or whatever other monitors the combine has on it (hey, I just do contracts, I have no actual idea how the things work), and then suddenly instead of a field full of corn, you're looking down straight into the earth?

Um, you spilled a little grain there....

And how did the farmer get out of the cab of the combine?

Very carefully....

Somehow, I think after this, he probably called it a day...

...and called his insurance company.

"Hello? Farm Bureau? I'd like to make a claim. Yeah. My combine. What happened to it? Um..."

"It's fallen and it can't get up."

Farmers can be funny, too.



Sydney_bitless said...

So a couple years ago a friend of ours had their combine spontaneously combust. We seen flames and thought their barn was on fire and went running in. Anyway fire dept came, it was a year old combine, put the fire out and did an analysis on why it caught on fire. Two days later the charred remains caught on fire AGAIN! I don't remember the exact cause but it was one of those freak things.
We also had a sink hole in our field this year. It was due to a tile being broke. Water rushed out of it and created kind of an underground slooshway. I came across it in the spring cantering by it to my horses and my suprise as we just missed the 5 foot hole you couldn't see over the corn stubble.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks for a great laugh, I'm still chuckling over the pictures and the commentary.