Saturday, February 26, 2011

And the Award Goes To....

On the eve of the overly-exposed (in more ways than one) culmination of the Hollywood award season, I've been thinking about what sort of awards my own "stars" might win, if we had the money, time, and prestige to pat ourselves on the back continuously for three consecutive months.

I'm not bitter, really. I'm just trying it on for size.

It's an interesting question, though, and I've decided that, based on the oustanding performances from each of my equids, if given the opportunity, I would award the

~ Paula~
Best Set Redesign
i.e. Chewing apart the old barn, board by board.

Best Foreign Language Performance
i.e. Absolutely not wanting me to trim his front feet, but being perfectly ok with the back.

Best Costume Removal
i.e. Obsessed with removing my gloves from my hands, the blankets from the fence, the jacket from my torso....

Best Performance in a Self-Inflicted Panic Situation
i.e. Tearing a piece of paper out of my hands and running all over the field scared out of her mind of what's in her mouth, but not thinking to just let it go.

Best Dramatic Breaking Performance
i.e. Saddle is perfectly fine at the walk and trot, but she's convinced it will eat her if she lopes.

I hope you enjoyed our awards show this evening. Don't forget to tip your waiter. Goodnight, Folks!



Annette said...

Paula looks just like a movie star!! That's a diva pose for sure -

Grey Horse Matters said...

Very amusing. They should all get the carrot and apple award for individuality!

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh and so well deserved, they are too!

Nicole said...

hahahhahahahahaha I love it! Especially Betty with the paper and Bambi with the saddle but they are all super great!