Friday, February 11, 2011

International Citizen

If you've been reading this blog for long, you'll remember me talking about my good friend Jennifer, whom I've known since we were six years old. To call her just a world traveler is like calling da Vinci just an artist. On her trips she is often accompanied by her sister Laura and their friend Sheena. Recently, the latter two have launched the online store for their clothing line: International Citizen!

Laura is a talented artist, musicial, and designer. Their designs are inspired by their travels, which brings a unique perspective to this quality clothing line. Plus, five percent of the profit from their House Tee will go to the charities for humanity (Green Peace, Peace One Day and Amnesty International)!

Click HERE to go to their website, Be sure to take a peek at their lookbook to see Laura's gorgeous sketches and get a full look at the clothing line!


1 comment:

Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice designs. If I wore this stuff they'd probably lock me up for indecent exposure, but I'll pass it along to my kids.