Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowy Stills

Wednesday I moved the horses around so they could spend the day together, and I got these shots of them playing in the snow left from our biggest snowstorm of the year. Here they are, in no particular order--ma ménagerie!

Thank you for stopping in at Rose, we hope that you've enjoyed the show!



Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Great pictures of your herd! Thanks for sharing. Why is it that horses look even cuter when they do things with blankets on?!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures! I love to see horses playing in the snow, then again about right now I'd like to see them playing in the grass instead.

Anonymous said...

Great pics - love horses in the snow!

Nicole said...

The horses look like they love the snow and love to play with each other. You have on in there of 2 of them running with snow being kicked up that reminds me of the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials :)

smazourek said...

Geez, is that a lot of snow for where you live? Also- one of your horses looks like a dog, you might want to look into it.

Jessie McCandless said...

Thanks so much :) I agree--they seem to look cuter all warm in their blankets, don't they?

I also would rather see them in their summer coats playing on green grass, though LOL

Shannon, you crack me up!!! LOL!! We usually do get one really good snowfall like this (or more) each year, sometime between February and April. I actually expect we'll get one more. We always seem to. No snow usually in November or December, but as soon as everything starts greening up, we usually get hit. Go figure! LOL