Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, Monday (and a little bit of Sunday)

Sunday and Monday were pretty hectic. For one thing, I had to prepare for a rerun of this on Tuesday:

One big thing that I got accomplished was bringing the barn kitties in to the vet to get spayed.

They weren't too happy, but they did great. They spent the night on the back porch and will stay there until the weather blows over. They don't need to be extra-cold on top of their surgeries.

Now, every single animal (except for the mares, of course) are now fixed, except Milton.

He'll go in to get neutered next week.

Shhh...don't tell him!

We don't need any baby anything around here for quite some time. The grown animals are big enough babies by themselves.

Bambi might be the biggest baby of them all. She comes trotting up for her grain, or her blanket, or to be petted or brushed.

She's one of them "needy" girls.

Speaking of needy girls, Paula got to try out her new saddle blanket yesterday. I went with a Taylor Collection wool blanket with a built-in cut back wool felt lining.

I will only ever use it on her, so it will eventually conform to her back and hopefully be super comfy for her.

You can see here why she needed the shoulder guard as well!

She's so long that I have to have a really large blanket for her, and yet she's narrow, so the front doesn't fit her. I hope next year I'll be able to splurge a bit and get her an adjusta-fit turnout.

On top of getting the girls fixed, preparing for the upcoming weather, going to the chiropractor, and getting Eddie entered in another futurity last minute (and getting some really cool news in return which I promise to share soon), the horses managed to completely destroy some of their fencing.

Swine horses.

Thankfully no one was hurt. I hate these panels anyway--they are just temporary until I can get the right fencing in, but for some reason the horses don't want to wait. I should have the north side entirely re-fenced shortly after the new building arrives. For some reason, the horses don't understand.

Patience is not one of their virtues.

For example, they decided to play football with one of the tank heaters.

Out of morbid curiousity, before I threw it away, I decided to plug it in. It WORKED!!! The casing on the top is cracked and the rods all bent, but it worked. Now, if it malfunctions it's not a big deal as this is a second, extra tank, so I went ahead and left it. I'd never leave it if it was a primary source of water--I would have went and got a new one. I just thought it was amazing that it managed survived the wrath of these heathens.

Welcome to the jungle,
We've got fun 'n games.
We got everything you want
Honey we know the names....



Alan T Hainkel said...

There are, as usual, some good photos here... the one of Milton is especially good, even if you did "cut off" part of his ear. ;)

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think Milton is giving you a dirty look. He must know he's going to be "tutored"(old Far Side cartoon).

You just can't reason with horses, they won't wait until you can put up fences can they. And to break the heater, I'm sure they're just bored with the weather but it's nice it still works.

Like that blanket it's a pretty color and design and looks great on her.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Milton looks like he might have a way with the ladies ;)

Bummer about the fencing - par for the course with horses. Nothing broken around here in a while... hope I didn't just jinx myself!

Annette said...

Bambi is so cute. She looks like a love bug.

Brett said...

Love Paula's new saddle pad. Looks really good on her.

smazourek said...

That saddle blanket looks fabulous on Paula!

Nicole said...

hahaha... sounds like your horses would get along with my gelding. His favorite thing to do, esp in the summer is to break the water line... so we've fixed it multiple times! ugh!

And it is a good thing no one got hurt! We have temp panels like that up in one pen too... the horses get out on a weekly basis... it's always fun to come home and see what they're up to...

Jessie McCandless said...

Thanks, Alan, for the half-compliment ;) Maybe some day you can give me some lessons LOL.

Jessie McCandless said...

Ha! I agree--I think Milton knows that something's up! LOL

Horses are worse than kids, I swear--they will get into anything and tear it up, won't they? Not sure why I put up with the dorks.

Oh yeah...that's right. 'Cause I adore them :)

Jessie McCandless said...

Thank you, too, for everyone's compliments on Paula's saddle blanket. I hesitated buying it (money I didn't need to be spending) but I am super, super happy with it. I hope to get one for each horse once they start going under saddle as well.