Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In No Particular Order

I haven't quite fallen from the blogasphere yet--but technology seems to be trying to steer me that way. Sprint internet has decided to go completely haywire on me, charging me $200 in overages last month (I only get online for email, job search, weather, facebook and blogging when I'm supposed to be able to watch 4 full-length movies, too, but somehow it's racking up bytes faster now than it ever has) and now the connection keeps disconnecting itself every ten seconds. On top of that, blogger has decided it will no longer make editing simple. So, I can't get my pictures in order and rather attempt to reload them in order so I don't have to reorder them, I'm going to blog about the last few days in no particular order.

Thanks for everyone's concern about the storms, but the tornado that touched down in the county last week was north of my little farm so I only had a dead tree and some branches down. The tree only took out one strand of fence, too--got pretty lucky there. Sadly a couple of people were killed when they got into the path of the tornado on the highway and were hit by a tree flying across the road. So sad.... Otherwise there was some damage up north but I don't believe anyone else was hurt. I took a couple of pictures in between the two big storms--they made for an eerie sight. Here's the first--looking West.

And this one was taken at the same time, looking East.

Both are straight out of the camera, no editing. I got very lucky with this East-facing shot.

Speaking of taking pictures, I got a few pictures of Evie playing the other day (the thing about not being able to put the pictures in order is it makes for awkward segue).

She loves her ball.

And the turkeys love me. Or whatever this relationship is that we have going.

I'm serious. They follow me around everywhere! If I sit down, I get at least three on my lap. I didn't handle them a lot, so I have no idea why they're so friendly, but a couple of days ago they followed me around on the lawnmower so I had to lock them up so I wouldn't accidentally run over one (ugh, can you imagine?!).

They are really cute and sweet but starting to get a little clingy.

Sophie is cute and sweet but not clingy at all.

She's three years old now and laziness has set in. She's still faster than anything but she sure likes her beauty rest.

Evie is still very much in puppy mode. And she's pretty happy about it, too.

The nice thing about the storms is we got a lot of rain. The bad thing about the rain is that it brought back the biting deer flies.

This might look extreme, but if you've been bitten by deer flies you know it hurts like a son of a monkey's uncle. So far the only way I've found to make the horses comfortable is a fly mask, fly sheet, and Pyranha fly spray.

Even Betty has her "armor" on. Thank goodness the sheets were buy-one-get-one free.

I tried to forgo sheets last year but ended up buying two bottles of fly spray a week, which really adds up at $14 each. So far the sheets are helping to cut that figure in half.

Glad the chickens don't need fly spray, too (another awkward segue).

They decided to make a camping spot out of the fallen branches.

My little turkeys aren't quite so bright about finding a good spot. They park it pretty much anywhere they want.

This one is the gang leader--he is always first on my lap.

Hopefully I can get my computer issues all sorted out soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me. ~J


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Sorry for your tech problems - so frustrating!! At least you didn't get tornado-ed and cute baby turkeys fight to sit in your lap - you're lucky!!!!

Blogger is doing some weird stuff lately too - follower lists have disappeared, can't access the follow widget, comments getting eaten, not being able to comment... technology - fooey! ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you and the menagerie are a-Ok :)
Fly season hasn't truly begun here yet, we haven't broken out the masks yet although I've started spraying on warmer days. Its been pretty mild spring for us here in Ontario.
I use apple cider vinegar and water mixed 60/40 and it works pretty well, if you buy a big jug of the vinegar at the grocery store its very cheap in comparison to fly spray :P. Some people add it to their horses' feed too, but I've never done that.

Vintage West said...

Oh that is an eerie looking sky, glad to hear everyone at your place is ok, seems like everyone is getting hit with some kind of natural disaster lately. The weather is unbelievable this year.

Blogger/Google is getting crazy, half the time I can't get anything accomplished on it, soooo frustrating! I hope you get it worked out.