Monday, May 16, 2011

My Brother Nick

As I mentioned before, one of the good things (probably the only good thing) about a funeral is getting to see beloved family members. Two weeks ago my brother Nick and his lovely wife Lauren drove in from Colorado and got to stay a couple of extra days.

Nick used to work as an electrician, so he gave me lots of great pointers about how to wire in the main for the house (we're moving it underground so I don't have to endure a repeat of Dad's two weeks without electricity in January after a horrid ice storm) and also get things wired upstairs, after I finish getting it cleared out.

Nick is currently a web programmer and one of these days I will have to pick his brain about my blog and website as well. I'm lucky to have such a talented brother, but a couple of times in my childhood we almost lost Nick. Literally.

The first was the scary time. When Nick was only a few days old, my grandma was holding him in the waiting room of my mom's doctor's office while my mom was in for her appointment. A lady walked up to my grandma, asking about the baby and before Grandma knew it the lady had grabbed him right out of her arms and ran down the hall. Crazy lady locked herself in a bathroom and eventually the police were able to talk her out. Thankfully Nick was unharmed.

The second time wasn't quite as scary. Nick was about three, I think, and we were all getting ready to go on a family vacation. For reasons I can't recall, Dad had rented a car from the local dealership for our roadtrip. My sister, Mom and I were getting packed and soon I hear Dad calling for me. He was at the bottom of the stairs, on the landing (by the front door), and I was at the top of the stairs by the hallway. He appeared frazzled. "Jessie, where's Nick?"

"I don't know."

"Jessie, I told you to watch him!! Where....oh, shit." And with that, Dad rushed out the door.

I was a thoroughly confused ten year old at that point, but I just went back to packing. Soon Dad showed back up with Nick. Come to find out, Dad had left Nick at the dealership. When he showed up, Nick was just browsing around the showroom, but when he saw Dad he exclaimed, "Dad, where WERE you?!"

Thankfully Nick was unharmed. At least physically.

There's no telling about mentally.

Love ya, Bro!



Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad Nick wasn't lost permanently on both occasions! Nice to have a brother who can help you with lots of stuff you'll be needing. Maybe an all expense paid trip back when the electricity has to go in...?

50+Horses said...

That was a nice Post about your brother! Scary about the Dr. Office event but I found the Dealership story funny.

My StepMom left my Dad at the Grocery Store (before cell phones). He'd gone to return the grocery cart and she drove off without him. She got home and realized she'd forgotten him. Said she couldn't stop laughing when she got back to the store - but (initially) my Dad wasn't very amused. Now it's one of those fave family stories. :)

Nicole said...

Oh yikes, there are a bunch of wacko's out there!