Sunday, May 8, 2011

On This Day

On this day, Milton got the boot.

Don't worry, he loved it, and he's welcome to come back inside whenever he wants.

Although at this point he may just run away from home. I mean, a cat can only take so many puppy kisses.

On this day, I cleaned out and trimmed all the trees to the north of the horse pens, beside where I'm building the new pens.

It doesn't look like that big of a deal, until you see what it looked like before, and considering I did every bit of it by hand, by myself.

Pretty rainbow; ugly mess of trees.

On this day, the horses got to try out all of their new fly-thwarting armour.

It seemed to work pretty well. Once I get them over to their new pens they will have a very small-scale sprayer system in there as well.

On this day, the chickens grazed in the backyard.

They give "chicken on the range" a whole other meaning.

On this day, I tried a new recipe: Portobello-Proscuitto Burgers.

I used basil from my garden. They were scrumptious.

And on this day, I had some Baileys on ice for dessert, and barely got this post done before crashing into bed.

Over and Out,



smazourek said...

Whoa, the chickens have gotten so big!

Annette said...

Next time: Baileys on ice cream. Umm!! Those burgers look good. I love portabella burgers.

Nicole said...

oh boy I need to try that recipe!