Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poor Fabian

Poor Fabian. He gets worked two days in a row and does such a good job.

Then, after his cool-down and bath, the only thing he wants...the only thing he asks for after all his hard work...is a roll in the sand.

But do the girls cooperate? No...

Betty tries her best to keep him from going down, but poor Fabian is determined.

Then he flips over and there is Paula, in his way. At least Betty gives up somewhat easily.

But does Paula move and offer her brother a little bit of rolling room?


You can see it on her face: "I was here first!"

Poor Fabian gets up and shakes the dirt off. So much for a good roll!

Pleased with herself, Paula decides to move, now that her point is made.

Swine horses.



Nicole said...

haha, that sounds fairly typical! Our horses have to eat on the same exact patch of grass as each other :)

smazourek said...


Lisa said...

That is just too cute, too funny and so very true!!!! Thanks for the smile today :)