Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Fun Comparison

I just realized today that JJ looks exactly like his daddy did when he was young--particularly his head. Sadly the photos are not very flattering, but it does give me a hint that JJ might turn out to look a lot like Eddie when he gets older, which I wouldn't mind too much at all....

Here's Eddie shortly after his accident and subsequent neglect:

And an unflattering shot of JJ, but I needed one with his ears not up:

Of course Eddie is very underweight in his shot and JJ has never missed a meal in his life, but I think you can see through those differences to the similarities beneath.

It's really funny how much he acts like Eddie, too, but I do see his momma in him. He's going to be a really fun horse, even if he is a just a big dork just like dear old dad :)

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