Monday, April 20, 2009

Good News!!

First of all, I sincerely apologize for my lack of posts. I've really been getting things caught up around here, though, and I'm trying to take full advantage while I'm still in the mood to get organized--so bear with me! I'll be back soon....

In the meantime, I was out checking on the girls today during a break and checking Empress's bag as I always do, and Hope (the lovely mare I'm borrowing from Darlene so I can get my riding legs back) walks up to us and Empress walks towards her. I'm expecting Empress to get bitchy with Hope as she usually does, but instead she arches her neck, sniffs, and pees! I've never been so happy to see a mare pee LOL!!! She's NOT pregnant!!!! YAY!!!

Needless to say that is a huge relief. I can let her just slowly recover, keep working on her feet and let her just be a horse for the summer, instead of worrying about pushing more weight on her, preparing for her to be in more and more pain as the weight increased on her sore legs, etc....what a trial that would have been for us both. Now I'm not worried at all--she will have tons of time to recover fully and we won't have one more mediocre foal in the world. Don't get me wrong, the stud was cute, but it would have been a very average foal by a very average stud (I still think someone should buy him and geld him--what a nice looking riding horse he'd be!!). There are way too many babies out there right now and Empress needs time to heal before she has her next one. I am so very happy we've bought some time for her recovery and no worries about trying to find another horse another good home!!

I'll try to get some pics and news posted tomorrow. I have a very funny video of Samson as well. Stay tuned!! :)

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knoyes said...

Yeee Haw!!!!!! That is some good news.....she needs that time to recover and not put all her energy into a new little life, there will be time for that later on. Put a new shot of her up when you can.

I am hoping the best for Miss Merc, not in heat yet and will try and get her ultrasounded in the next week or so.

Seeker is looking great! Fat, sassy and getting ready to go out to the pasture.