Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is wrong with people?

Anyone want to join me in a lynch mob, since there doesn't seem to be any justice out there? My mind can't--won't conceive of how a person can watch a horse starve to death and do nothing at all about it.

"Just wanted you all to know before it gets out, that our Stallion Titan A Barlink, that was a 2X APHA Res World Champion, has passed away. Danny sold him to a man under a contract with 2 other horses and was residing at Creflo Dollar (a TV Preacher) estate. We didn't have a contract with him but the man had a agreement to have them there. Well long story short this man starved them and on the report Titan weighed only 800 lbs. close to the time of death. You know me well and I am going to get the word out. We had to go to court for repo to get him but by the time we got the judgement we were a week to late. I have contacted news and legal and this is not the end, I will keep you informed of the out come. "

Here's the news story:

Put his name right there with Cecilia "Sandy" Jarvis (see Paula's post here).

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