Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Love My Place

I'll post lots more pics tonight. It's gorgeous out, so I want to get outside. I do have to brag on my place a bit. I love it out here. I could spend weeks out here and never go into town (oh wait, I DID do that! Ha)!

Here are my roses, going to town, love'n life, soak'n up the no attention to the weeds and overgrown grass behind the curtain (another project I hope to complete this weekend)....

And I do get visitors from time to time.... Do you see it? No, NOT the trash (you'd think that we wouldn't get trash blowing in way up here but we sure do--which I walk around and pick up on a daily basis). No, sillies--the deer! One of them crossed the driveway yesterday while I was coming back with water and Sophie about jumped out the window to get it. Not sure what she'd do with a deer if she did catch it, but somehow I don't think she plans that far ahead.

Does this look like a planner to you? She looks more like a spur-of-the-moment gal to me.

Did I mention I LOVE this place? One of my favorite things to do is after I feed, just sit on the lawn and listen to the horses munching away, birds singing and frogs croaking. It's so peaceful...

Along with hauling water and getting a load of first cutting alfalfa yesterday (yay), I got the turnouts done. I still need to put up the kind of fence I really want (4-string white electric rope), but this will do for now. JJ and Laramie split the entire area you see if this picture back to the fence (about 20 feet past the last bird house). I'm really happy with the space they have. When I get the stalls done, they will go out here at night, then be brought in during the day to get ready for show. JJ will be on a maintenance plan--I just want him to look good and grow, but Laramie will be fit for show.

Here is Laramie's before shot. I'm looking forward to fitting her. I think Darlene said it best: "I freakin love this filly!" :)


knoyes said...

excuse the typing!! laramie is looking much better.....she never looked bad, just not like she did. we love to sit out after chores as well, we call it "viewing". can't wait for update pictures on laramie. we will get baby shots tomorrow to send you. cj is something else!

Jessie Baker said...

Thanks! I thought so too, but you know, it's so hard to tell when you see them everyday. She still has a ways to get her bloom back but her and Bambi both blossomed after that 2nd worming in a month--they needed to get cleared out I guess. I think the hay wasn't great, either--that recent really good alfalfa I got helped. JJ still has a ways to go and everyone else looks pretty good, so I'm not worried. I'll hit them with panacur again here pretty soon :)

Ah, the viewing. Of course I think of my sister, the funeral director, when I hear that, though! LOL!

I can't wait to see those pics. From the ones on my phone the babies are looking great! Wish we could take them all LOL!!