Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sign it's time to revamp your trailer...

I decided to start stripping the trailer tonight and found this little guy hanging out:

So, I guess when wildlife takes up residence, it's time to start in on the restoration, huh? LOL!!

On the horse-related front, Paula has just skyrocketed height-wise. She's 15.1H at the hip now, 15H at the wither. I was so worried just a couple of months ago that she wouldn't get any taller than 14.2H! She looks like a hunter now because she's used everything she's got to shoot up, but she's very fit and healthy. Pics soon! :) The ordeal has certainly stunted her as she should be 16H, but at least we're seeing progress!!!


knoyes said...

Jess, I miss you blogging! I know that life is busy, but I do check everyday.....O.K., so call me blind, but I can't tell "who" is living in the trailer?!?!? Don't overdo with it, Brian will tackle whatever it needs and you might have more important things to do! Have you thought of colors if/when it comes time to paint it?

Different note, this filly is shedding really dark, she has black roots to the mane sort of, dark rings around eyes and really dark muzzle. Not sure what is up with her, no dark points that I can tell, but at the least a real dark chestnut.

Jessie Baker said...

Aw, thanks Kim! I do need to be more diligent--time sure gets away from me sometimes it seems. I can't believe I hadn't posted in almost a week (for shame! LOL!!). Thanks for checking--and keep checking. I'll stay on top of it :)) We've always got something crazy going on that could be fairly entertaining! Hah!!

Oh, my trailer resident is a frog--it wasn't even a toad but a genuine frog. I had to take it with my cell phone, it's hard to see, and it was dark from the storms, but he was actually a pretty colorful fella--didn't know horse trailers had rainforest frogs!

I wanted to get it all stripped down for Brian so it's less work, but as I'm taking it apart I've noticed that some of that wood is holding the windows in and everything together, so I might have to leave some in just to make the trip.... I have gotten all of the padding off, though, and took out the divider door. I'll have to email you and see what you guys think. I can't thank you enough!! :)

Maybe Ebony's filly is a wild bay? Bear was like that--not really a true bay, but he had lots of black hairs low on his legs and in his mane and tail. His coat color was a dark chestnut, too--was kind of pretty and different!

knoyes said...

O.K., I see the little bugger now! I just could not make out what it was. That is funny, poor little guy, hope he finds a nice new home.