Monday, May 25, 2009

You'd have to be Crazy...

...not to love this mare:

This is Crazy (Seza Impressive One), a 23 year old mare. Yes, she's 23. She's maybe the one horse I know in this world over the age of 5 that has never been neglected and starved. She's a lucky girl! I got her from my friends the Coles near Topeka, KS. She now lives with my friends the Morgans in Venus, TX. We think that Crazy is going to come here to become Eddie's live-in girlfriend. She seems to be barren now. I'd love to get a foal out of her (she has an awesome production record), but most likely she's done. She'll make Eddie happy, though--keep him content while I hold off breeding any of my own for a while. She'll be a gorgeous pasture ornament :)

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