Sunday, May 24, 2009

You've come a long way, baby

My wonderful friend Vicki Morgan sent me pictures of the girls today. I have been so lucky to have my mares find amazing homes with such great people like Vicki Morgan and Kim Noyes. I never, ever have to worry about my girls when they are in these ladies' very capable hands. I know they're getting better care than even I gave them and I can't put into words how great that makes me feel!

It is such a special treat to get to see Sully (Solomons Reward) looking so healthy and HAPPY! For those of you who don't know Sully's story, she was literally rescued off a slaughter truck by LaDonna King. Sully had an amazing pedigree and LaDonna knew she was special--she just needed a chance, so she negotiated for her and then let me know about her. I drove out to get her and nothing could prepare me--it was obvious that poor Sully had been neglected a very long time. She not only was emaciated and broken down, but she had scars all over her. Who knows what hell she went through? I contacted her breeder and he was appauled. Sully's full sister had been a show horse and always well cared for, while Sully ended up almost slaughtered. This really epitomizes the problems in our industry--good horses end up in bad places all the time.

This is what she looked like when I got her in January 2007:

She was such a sad creature.

Fortunately for Sully she was saved. I was able to rehabilitate her in time to breed her. She had JJ last year--I adore him and can't thank Vicki enough for sending him to me! I miss Sully but know she's in the very best hands she could possibly be in. Having JJ lets me have a little piece of Sully here with me :)

Here is Sully today (here is what just made my day!):

Obviously happy, healthy, and as wide as a brick house! lol She is loved and well cared for. She's come a long way from that sad, slaughter-bound creature. I think everyone who has ever met Sully knows she deserved to have this kind of life--be happy and well fed. She's so extremely intelligent and would do anything in the world for someone who treats her right. That's all she really ever wanted, it seems. I hardly think that was too much to ask :)

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knoyes said...

WOW, the differance in these two shots of Sully! She is a very lucky gal.

Long story short, mt broodie girls in the pasture escaped after dark the other night! it was aweful..... the only two left in the field were Seeker and merc, such good girls! the others may just get fed to the cats or something! merc is so much happier in the field and seeker does pretty well for herself, they look great! when it quits raining we will get pictures of them as well.