Thursday, May 21, 2009


Is that even a word?

Anyway, here are a few random items I want to mention. First, I had to show everyone Laramie's little sister--most likely 5-Star bound in September. She is such a stylish little girl!

(and yes, that is Ebony, Laramie's momma in the background. Yes, she is black and no, NONE of her fillies for poor Kim have been, but at least they've been awesome :)

My friend Sandra has two more horses she needs to sell. These are really nice horses so just let me know if you're interested in either one of them. Chance is pictured first. He's by a son of Ima Cool Skip and out of a Mr Conclusion bred mare. He's HYPP N/N and I've seen him first hand--he's structurally a VERY nice colt! He's a typical Mr horse--he's going to take a bit of time to really mature, but once he does--wow :)
Sandra also needs to sell this super nice hunter pony prospect. I've seen Tucker in person as well and yes, he is a pony and yes, he is colored, but he's also quality--has a great mind and is build so nicely for hunter hack. Sandra has considered training him and selling him for quite a bit, so if you're interested snatch him up now as you could be the one turning the profit (I sure wish I could train English and Hunter Hack better). Take a look at dreamhorse--quality hunter ponies are still selling!
In the final picture for tonight's post, these kids aren't for sale, but maybe they should be? Anyone want a bunch of lazy, good-for-nothings? Well, maybe I'll keep them, although it would be nice to have my bed back :)


knoyes said...

your bed looks like mne, but i have a damn husband in there as well!!

we are going to get some new pictures of these babies, they have changed so much! CJ is going to be seal brown or something! not black on muzzle and around eyes, but looks it on rest of body....

Jessie Baker said...

Actually, the bed is missing one old cranky kitty, but this is pretty much it LOL.

I am looking forward to seeing those pictures!! She's going to be such a looker! I think Laramie's really light coloring is kind of odd--she's a very, very light sorrel, so maybe that combination creates some strange color variances? Was Laramie's older sister oddly colored?

It will be fun to show CJ--that seal brown is somewhat unusual in the halter ring! :)