Friday, April 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

Yesterday was laundry day. Exciting, I know. I washed all of the horses' winter blankets and said a little prayer that we don't have a mid-April snowstorm. Then I came home, got my own clothes and went to a town 50 miles away, because the town 20 miles away doesn't have a laundrymat where I can wash my clothes without getting grease all over them.

Ah! The joys of home renovation. I tell you what, there will be a party when I get my laundry room done. A P-A-R-T-Y, my friends.

So, I was in Hutchinson, doing my laundry at the same laundrymat where I used to do my laundry when I was in junior college (Go Dragons!). I was running late (story of my life) and didn't make it home until it was all but dark out.

But it wasn't dark--not dark enough. As I neared my little farm, I saw bright orange lighting up the sky, altogether way too close to where my house is.

Only half a mile down the road the CRP grass had caught fire. Firetrucks were passing me and lights and sirens were going off all over. I got home and took care of chores as fast as I could, then jumped back in the car to see if I needed to prepare to evacuate.

Thankfully the wind was blowing the fire away from my place and it looked like the worst of the blaze was over. In fact, they were lighting parts of it just to get the rest of the grass to burn and keep it under control (literally fighting fire with fire). It was crazy, though--there were fire trucks all over, up and down the dirt road leading to my grandma's house and all along the mile stretch of highway where the CRP grass used to be.

I felt really lucky that we had dodged what could have been a disaster. It's been so dry and windy. Hopefully we'll get some rain soon.

Except not tonight. Or tomorrow. Please. I just got back from getting over 100 bales of alfalfa. I got back after dark, so it's not unloaded. It will be tomorrow, and then I won't be able to walk. But who needs to walk, right?

One day soon I'll go over what Paula and I have been working on since the clinic. I feel that I need some sort of pictures.

Not necessarily this picture. This is not a helpful picture in regards to horse training. But they are helpful when one needs to be entertained.

And who couldn't use some entertainment, especially when I find myself posting about laundry?

I know it, you know it. Yellow Dog doesn't even know what town he's in.



Annette said...

Fire is frightening. I've passed more firetrucks than you can count fighting fires on the road into our community. You never get used to it. It always brings your heart into your throat.

Nicole said...

Man that's a close one with the fire. I was listening to a guy at Horsefest talking about a fire that just missed his place. Talk about freaky!

Krazy Cindy said...

Wow, how scary!! Wish I could've sent you some of the nonstop rain that's drenched my part of the country for the past 3 months!