Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swinging into Spring

After the miserable weather we had yesterday, today seemed especially gorgeous, and to top it all off, I had a great day! For one thing, the lilacs on the north side of my house are in full bloom.

I love to cut a few and bring them into the house. They make everything smell so good.

This morning Dad and I made a quick trip to Wichita to pick up my new lawnmower.

This is probably the cleanest it will ever be. Also, my dogs love to be in pictures, if you haven't already noticed.

Earlier this week I started a project using something my uncle had made, my dad had paid for, and no one ever used. It was supposed to be a platform to use with a pully to bring shingles up onto the roof. It was never used because Dad, in his infinite strength, just hauled them up there (literally) on his back. Yes, my dad is He-Man.

Anyway, here's the before, with Charlie modeling.

Just a plywood platform with some chains, sitting under a tree.

And here is the after.

A tree swing!

I got the outdoor fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby, had a 40% off coupon for the cushioning, used paint and staples I already had, and got some cheap rope from Orschelns. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Hopefully soon I can get the pump house behind it re-painted and re-roofed (it's on my list to do this summer)! By next spring, when the irises bloom and if everything is painted and landscaped, it should look super-cute.

The house has had some work done on it this week as well. The underside of the roof on the front is being redone, plus guttering was added to the north (left) side.

When my uncle and cousin are done working on that part, Dad and I will start work on redoing the porch. You can see how the one corner is badly rotted out. We will also be ripping out the iron and adding in proper columns with decorative trim.

When Dad and I got back from getting the lawnmower, my farrier came out. I've been trimming my own but asked Amber to come out and start trimming for me instead. I can do a pretty fair job, but she is really talented and between my back and lack of skill, I was thrilled she was able to make it out this far.

Betty had her first trim ever, and she did pretty well considering how foreign it was to her. She looks soooooooo much better now!

Amber got everyone trimmed and then I treated the horses to some non-feed-time-oats for being such good kids.

Overall it was a fabulous day, getting all these things done. The farm has so much more work to be done, but I really have to take the time to feel like each little step is a mini-triumph in the war against dilapidation.

I'm not sure if "dilapidation" is a word, but do me one favor in my little moment of glory--just go with it :)



Annette said...

I love lilacs! They, unfortunately, do not grow well here. Heavy sigh of regret...

Grey Horse Matters said...

Lilacs are one of my favorites. Love the smell, ours hasn't opened up yet and I can't wait.

Your swing is such a great idea. Good thinking. Hope you have many peaceful hours swinging while watching the horses graze.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

We had lilacs in my childhood backyard - what a heavenly smell :)

The swing looks very inviting. You're doing awesome in the "dilapidation" battle. Well done!!

Vintage West said...

Oh I love that swing, great reuse and re-purpose idea.

smazourek said...

Way to go Betty!

That swing is so cute, can you see the horses from it?

Nicole said...

We got a new lawnmower too... may be the exact same as you or maybe a sibling but cool... we can be lawnmower twinkies... LOL