Friday, April 15, 2011

My Favorite Things About Farm Life

A few years ago, when things were pretty down and out, I thought perhaps the key to improving my life was to move to an apartment in the city and give up my horses and any thoughts of rural living.

How wrong I was. While it's a lot more work to live out in the country, it is certainly much more rewarding (to me, at least). Don't get me wrong, I love visiting the city, but "visiting" is the operative word here. I love my life out in the middle of nowhere, and here are my horses to help me demonstrate why:

1. Fresh air.

2. Plenty of exercise.

3. It's ok if you get a little dirty.

4. Good friends.

5. There is always something to look forward to.

6. It keeps you going.

7. You've got others watching your back.

8. Fresh produce (although usually not tree bark).

9. Less stress.

10. Room to play.

11. Angry confontations are limited.

12. Wide open spaces.

13. You can be yourself.

14. You can really get into nature...really.

15. Peace and quiet (so you can always take a nap)

16. Being close to family.

17. Room to breathe.

19. The pace is slower.

19. No crime to worry yourself over.

20. No noisy neighbors.

21. There aren't very many crowds.

22. You can always look to those around you to lend a helping, I mean hand.

Farm live'n in the life for me,



Nicole said...

In college I was the country girl in the city and used to tell people I loved living in the country. They asked me why and i told them because I could run naked through my parents field and no one would notice or say anything. LOL

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Great pix!! I'm looking forward to life on my farmette! ;)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pics and sentiments. I love it in the country too and only "visit" the city when necessary. N.Y. city has lots of great stuff but I don't get the fast paced life there, and the noise, traffic, crowds etc. not my cup of tea I could never live there.