Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, Monday

This past weekend, as I mentioned before, was just crazy-busy. Saturday I attended a GREAT clinic all day long, then when I got home I set as many posts for the shelter fencing as I could. Friday night I had gotten all of the posts and cement so I really needed to get them into the ground before the storm we were supposed to have had on Sunday night.

Sunday was an extension of the clinic, which Paula and I went to as well. We needed to, and in a future post I'll explain a lot more. We ended at noon, came home, and I finished setting all the posts (all but one) and then jumped in the truck to go to Hoisington to help a friend load up a couple of horses she sold.

Unfortunately the gelding went over the divider in the two horse and subsequently took it out when he got himself out of the predicament, so there was no way to haul a horse in it after that. He was just fine, thank goodness! He's a great horse (Betty's sire, in fact) but just hasn't ever gone anywhere, so between the storms coming in and not having much experience he just didn't have a chance. So...perhaps this next weekend, I'll be taking him to his new home in a stock trailer, so he has plenty of room and will hopefully have an uneventful haul.

Last night I got home and pretty much crashed, and I planned to do the same today. Monday was supposed to be my day off, but at noon I was bored to death, so I went outside and got a few things done, despite the awful, howling winds!

I primed a few of the posts I had set this weekend.

I couldn't get many done because the wind kept blowing the sand onto the wet paint, but at least I made a dent in the project. The fencing is gray, so I think it will all end up looking very nice!

I forgot to mention that last week I got a few more pullets. They are Ameraucana chicks (that lay the "Easter Eggs" so of course I HAD to get some!

So far (fingers crossed) the outside chickens are doing fabulously as well. They seem very happy and are enjoying the scratch I got them from the co-op.

Paula seems pretty happy, too. She worked very hard this weekend and although things were pretty bumpy for the both of us, she still has a great attitude. I think she enjoyed her day off to spend with her pasture pals.

Things are certainly growing around here as well. I got a few summer bulbs planted--a peony by where Stupid (our old farm dog) is buried, a couple of Elephant Ears by the old garage and some dahlias by the pump house, so that the walking onions will have something along with them when the irises die off.

Last fall I stumbled upon quite a few plants for $1 to $2 each, once the planting season ended. I took a chance that they'd survive the late planting the harsh winter and they did! Here are one of my cherry shrubs (planted far away from where the horses live, of course).

Then, another nice surprise was seeing a shrub by the house bloom for the very first time in the 18 years that my family has lived here!

I think spring has sprung,



Vintage West said...

Spring is such a busy time! That cherry shrub is so pretty, I want one :)

smazourek said...


I look forward to reading more about that clinic.

Annette said...

You've been awfully busy!! lots of progress on your place - that fencing is going to be beautiful. Oh, and yes my dad was a wine maker. It was a sad day when he stopped!!

juliette said...

Your posts and shelters look great! Lovely cherry shrub! Ah, spring! Glad the gelding was ok - sounds scary.