Sunday, September 18, 2011


My poor kids.

The dogs suffer so.  They're inside the house all day long, abandoned and having to do without the attention they crave.

My poor, terribly-abused horses have been going without as well.

They took it upon themselves to right the wrongs done to them.  They weren't going to take it any longer. Before I knew it they had gathered the troops and surrounded the enemy.  And pulled on her pony tail, just in case she didn't get the hint.

In all seriousness, I have felt the pangs of pet-owner guilt over the last few weeks.  I haven't had much time to spend with any of my animals.  This stress has been compounded by the fact that I haven't had any hay in my barn for three weeks now.  I've had to rely solely on a mixture of beet pulp, dehydrated hay and a timothy/alfalfa pellet mix that I've devised.  While my horses have lost a bit of their bloom, I am happy that they haven't lost nearly as much weight as I feared they would.  

I'm holding out, waiting to see if my hay guy can get one last cutting.  I am caught in a dilemma of either waiting on what I know would be great, reasonably-priced hay, or not waiting, driving a long ways and paying a premium price for hay of questionable quality.  Stupid drought.....

Evie is thinking long and hard about this conundrum.

The turkeys contemplate.  What, I don't know.

Perhaps Sophie can find the solution.

I'm sure the answer to everything--my pangs of guilt over the animals not getting enough attention, the lack of hay, world peace--will be as clear as the shadow on the wall.

And when it does, it should help my fowl mood a great deal.

"Victory is ours!"


Nicole said...

Is that you with your critters? If so, you're so pretty! And this drought is affecting a lot of people. Our hayfield is tall but not thick and I was calling it the field of gold this weekend to which my step-daughter asked if we'd be cutting the gold. lol

Jessie said...

Aw, thanks, Nicole, but it's smoke and mirrors LOL! I usually don't chance breaking my camera but I get a lot of complaints about there being no pictures of me, so I am trying to be better about it. It's difficult for an ogre like me, though....

I was hoping you had fared better out your way--I might need to travel for hay, but looks like I'll have to go north instead of east I guess! Funny about the gold--I do think gold is cheaper right now, though! Sad but true....