Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I don't know much, but I do know one thing--cooler weather can make all the difference.  Just ask Milton's momma.

She's a cat on a lukewarm wooden roof.

I went to school today, came home, and got so much done!  The turkeys supervised while I cleaned shop.

The bees were busy as...bees.

The chickens enjoyed their afternoon outside as well.

They "helped" me by cleaning up some of the rotten produce that I cleaned out of my garden.

They vacuumed up the veggies like little hoovers.

Or perhaps you could call them "Cluck Busters."

Okay, okay, Charlie--I promise no more puns!

And I will resist mentioning anything about having nice melons....

But I am pleased with how the watermelon and cantelope are coming along in this drought!

I threw one into the girls' pen that was a little too ripe to eat.  Paula inspected it, but they weren't interested in my garden leftovers.

 This marigold was in full bloom--seemingly defiant against the harsh conditions it survived this summer.

As I cleared out the weeds I discovered a nest my hens had made when they were still able to roam around free-range.  Silly chickies.

After cleaning out my garden I did chores.  Fabian is now separated from his mean old sisters.

He was losing some weight because they wouldn't let him eat and I'm not feeding extra like I used to since we are facing a significant hay shortage.  So far Fabian seems to like being by himself ok...especially at feeding time!

Times like this make me miss the days of plenty.  I yearn for the days I could let them eat alfalfa free choice--days that probably won't return again for many, many months, but we'll get by and no one is going hungry, which is the important thing.  

I also managed to get some video of my rooster doing what he does best:

And that's what I call poultry in motion.


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Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Absolutely love Milton!

I too am remembering the "days of plenty" and wondering if they will ever return. Now it's counting pennies and watching what we spend.

Love your blog, read it frequently, just don't post much :)