Thursday, April 8, 2010

Evening Update

Last night I finally got some pictures of Suzie and Eddie. Suzie is due to foal any day now. Her belly is just starting to finally sag into that "v" shape that comes right before foaling.

At least she has an excuse for her sagging. I haven't come up with a good one for me yet.

Eddie is doing well and getting a little better each day. We're still doing our treatments: hydrotherapy, sweat wraps, antibiotics and stretching. He gets a little more use out of his leg with each day.

He was a little preoccupied here. As with any man, he's always preoccupied with food.

Stupid herself is even doing much better! Her tumor has shrank considerably with the antibiotics we got from the vet. She's running around a lot more, too. It's good to see the old gal back in action.

Last night I also had a chance to get my garden fencing done.

This is a good place for it as it gets the most sun and hopefully Stupid can't get into it and dig up the veggies!

Once I get the veggies planted, that is.

Another project I have in store is my riding area. A few years ago we started this fence. There is a fantastic gate here to start my arena off of.

Paula can't stand to not be in my pictures....

This is the riding area. It will be the "before" shot. Hopefully the "after" shot will come later this summer.

I have so many post holes to dig. So many. Oy vey.

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Sydney said...

Eddie looks like hes doing good. Gotta try Arnica on that knee of his. Indigo scraped her face in the trailer the other day having a fit (a whole other story) and by the time I was done with her it was swelling. I put some arnica on it and came back a few hours later and the swelling was completely down but it was hot and ouchy. Works miracles that stuff.