Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just Another Saturday in Paradise

A lot of people look forward to the weekend so that they can rest, or go play, as in go shopping, go to the movies, go out to the lake, etc.

Not me (or any horse person for that matter). Weekends are for packing in as much stuff as possible, so that by Sunday evening you can barely walk and are actually looking forward to the work week so that you can rest.

It's the weekend warrior mentality to the extreme.

Yesterday was the start of mine, and by the end of the day I was too tired to even get on the computer to post pictures. So here I am, Sunday morning, posting about Saturday. I should get to Sunday's post by Wednesday, I think.

Saturday started off with the usual chores, etc., then ran to town to get grain before the co-op closed and headed on out to Kingman for their tack and draft horse sale. Of course I only went for the tack sale. I still can't even think about getting another horse without my stomach doing flips. It's a good thing, though. It keeps me in check.

I did get a pretty good deal on some tack. I got a saddle, 2 bridles and 2 breastcollars for a little over a c-note. The bridles are brand new. I definitely needed more bridles. I pretty much have nothing in the way of tack so this helps.

The breastcollars are older and well-worn, which means they are flexible and already broke-in--just the way I like them.

The saddle is really nothing to brag about, but I just needed something to start my 2 year olds in. I need to save up for a trailer, so once the trailer is purchased I'll upgrade my saddles. This will certainly do for now.

The nice thing is there's really not anything that can get messed up on it!

I also realized late last night that I can take the rest of the money I got from selling my other saddle and get me a new cart! My others are old and have holes in them, which makes it slightly difficult to clean stalls and haul hay around the place in. So, all in all, I'd rather sacrific a little on the saddle and be able to get more to help me out around the farm. Hey, it's all good!

Moving on, I got most of my garden planted yesterday as well. Here's the box for my garlic and onions:

I know it looks like a box of dirt right now, but just wait a few weeks. In a few months we'll be having fajitas from this garden!

I also got my veggies planted (or most of them anyway). I still have some more tomatoes and bell peppers to plant.

Then I got my roundpen put up. Paula gets kind of annoying when she gets bored, so it's gotten pretty bad here lately. She needs to be put to work. She craves it. She needs it.

And I need her to have a job other than being in my face 24/7!

Thankfully Suzie and Paula get along, so once Suzie foals they can be buds together and that will also help with Paula's boredom. I love that Paula loves to work, but I would like to request about 10 more hours be added to each day. That would help a lot. Please, Santa, I've been a good girl.

And Paula has been, too.

And so has Eddie. A good boy anyway. Sorry about that, Ed.

I also got some pictures of the girls playing last night. That will be on an upcoming post.

As will a few posts for my beginning horse-friends (or those of you thinking about getting a horse). If the post doesn't scare you off, perhaps this teaser-photo will.
No, this is not the triage cabinet at the local ER. This is in my tackroom. And I need a bigger one.

And this isn't even half of what I have.

I think I'll go cry a bit now. And garden. My peppers and tomatoes need me.

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Sydney said...

I have soooooo much tack it's insane. I need to sell some of it but every time I think of parting with something I end up needing it! I am doing good though I just sold a saddle/bridle and a few pads to a lady.