Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's About Time

I thought it was about time for a much lighter post. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's kind words regarding our little lost angel, but both Suzie and I are doing well. Time heals as it moves on. All we need is time.

So time is what I'm writing about this evening....

I have quite a few antiques, many of which are heirlooms, handed down to me from my relatives. I cherish these relics of the past because of the stories they symbolize. However, a few of my treasures are not heirlooms, but they mean a great deal to me just the same.

One of these treasures is my antique Sessions mantle clock.

I bought this old clock at an auction a few years ago. It came without a key and over the years I've ordered a few keys for it online, none of which fit. So I've carried this clock around for years, not even knowing if it ran properly or not, but I loved the style and how it complimented my old photos in my guest room.

The thing I love second-most is the face of this old clock. I've looked for one like it for years and have never found a simple 2-columned mantle clock with this ornate of a face.

You're probably asking if that's what I love second-most, then what do I love the most? Well, I discovered that this week. Friday I was able to stop in at a clock shop in Wichita and the kind owner there actually just gave me a key! And best of all, it FITS!

I was so happy to see/hear last night, when I wound the clock up, that it works, and its chime is hauntingly beautiful. For such a small clock, the chime has so much substance and depth...'s so beautiful, it makes me want to cry.

And that is my favorite thing about time: eventually tears of sadness turn into tears of appreciation. Thank you my friends, for being there for me.


Sydney said...

We have a few old clocks and I recall one just like yours in my uncles antique shop at one time when I was younger.
If you intend to run it you should get it repaired. If a spring breaks from not being run for so long it may mean the life and value of the clock.
We also have a haunting mantle clock. It's chime echoes through our whole old house. I think it used to belong to the old funeral home in town that burnt in the early 1920's.

Jessie McCandless said...

Thanks for the tip! I went ahead and stopped it, so I'll get it professionally cleaned before I start it back up again (probably later on this year).

There was an old clock in the clock shop that I loved from the 1920's. It stood about chest-high and was in the art-deco style. I love those old clocks :)