Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saying Goodbye and a Homecoming

First of all, I owe a big apology to anyone who has checked on my blog all week only to find that nothing has been updated at all. I know how frustrating that is, and to those of you who check back enough times to find this update, thanks for stick'n with me.

The delays have been caused by certain happenings, both good and bad, that I promise to post more about in the coming days. I've got lots of pictures, etc., but for right now, I'll just kind of summarize....

Sunday a little before noon, Suzie gave birth to a gorgeous filly. By nightfall she was gone. Suzie is doing well, though, and we are very thankful for that.

We did have some good new, though! Stupid, the family farm dog of yore, has returned after her surgery to remove what we thought was a mammary tumor. The good news is that she's back home and doing wonderfully and the tumors were actually cysts, most likely not cancerous.

Stupid is about 11 years old, so of course we realize she's getting to the point that we will have to say goodbye to her sooner than later, but we were very happy to welcome her home, healthier than she has been in a while, and we can enjoy her for a while longer.

I missed ya, gal! So glad to have you back home.

Saturday we did a lot more work around the farm, got 2 more piles burned and got the place mowed.

Thanks for bearing with me! I'll get back on track, and I promise, it will be totally worth it. Like, TOTALLY worth it. To be continued.....

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Sydney said...

Oh no! Are you getting an autopsy done on the filly?