Monday, April 5, 2010

Ring of Fire

Well, it's actually more like a pile of fire, but it started out as a pile of wood.

Add a match...

and it all went up in smoke (reminds me of my marriage! Ha!).

Thankfully everything burned up really well, since this is where my loafing shed will go in a few weeks.

This was only one project this weekend, so lots more pictures to come as soon as I recover from the smoke inhalation.

Yes, I inhaled. It totally wasn't worth it.


Sydney said...

Did you roast marshmallows?
Looks like a good flat spot for a shed.

Krazy Cindy said...

BURN BABY BURN!! I've been having bonfires to get rid of "stuff" as I prepare my house for sale. That is, on days when the wind isn't so horrible I'm afraid I might actually burn my house down... Haven't been many of those days, lately. The wind has finally died down, but now it's raining.