Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kansas State Fair

I'm a bit behind in my blogging....

On September 18th Dad and I went to the Kansas State Fair. Neither of us had been there in years.

And I don't think we missed a thing. There was the same huge butter sculpture:

This year, though, it was in the shape of a sheep. Last time I was there I think it was a cow? Not important.... I think the question we should really be asking is why have a giant butter sculpture in the first place?

Does a giant butter sculpture have to happen for a reason? Hmmm....guess not!

We went through the goat building because I've been contemplating getting a couple of goats.

Unfortunately I have a lot to learn before getting any goats. I couldn't tell what made one goat better than the other. It's probably the same way most (non-horse) people feel about horses, though.

Then we saw the old, restored tractors. Very cool!

This Allis Chalmers is exactly like the one my grandpa had when Dad was young. Dad said he spent many, many hours on that tractor, going up and down the rows with a 7-row plow.

Just to give you perspective, most impliments now days are around 40 rows.... Can you imagine how much longer it took to plant an acre back then? Amazing....

Also amazing was our lunch.

Indian Tacos. Mmmmm.....

I vowed that I would indulge in a funnel cake as well, but after eating this I was entirely too full. It was a fun day at the fair. I can't say that we'll be back next year, but once every few years is a nice break from the usual.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Butter? Really? Wondering why it didn't melt or have flies covering it.

The tractors were really cool. I love old farm equipment.

CCC said...

My youngest went right from mother's milk to goats milk. They are so much cleaner than cows. I used have those playtex bottles with the plastic liner insert and would milk the goat right into that. Put the nipple on and voila! warm milk. I loved my goats, my favorite was a Toggenburg named Betty, but I had an Alpine named Annie and a Billy Goat named Bill. Betty pulled the kids in a lovely little wooden two wheel cart using a big horse halter upside down for the harness. And they eat weeds.