Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saddle Up for Some Gorgeous Weather!

Today was so beautiful out that being outside was absolutely mandatory. Fortunately for me, it's easy to spend the entire day outside. I decided I'd work with all the horses!

Paula was saddled and ridden.

I can't wait for next spring! Show season will be here before we know it, and I truly hope Paula and I will be ready. She's doing so well! Right now we're working on balance and control. She's starting to really grasp collecting at the trot, but she will lose her shoulders on the turns, so we've just got to work on keeping it all together.

I left the saddle in the roundpen, hoping I could get Bambi and Fabian both saddled today as well.

Bambi was first. She saw the saddle. She knew what it meant, even though she's only been saddled once before. She wasn't thrilled.

She's not hard to work with at all, by any means. She just doesn't love the saddle is all.

We did some bending exercises, along with work moving her feet. She's still fairly stiff, so much more work is needed. Overall she's accepted the saddle very well, though! Once she's loosened up we'll graduate to driving!

Then came Fabian. I went ahead and worked him without the saddle. He continued to absolutely excel!

So then I thought I'd really push our limits by saddling him (which he took very well), doing our ground exercises (which he also does very well--he's got such an extremely light touch--Bambi needs to take note here :), and then I lunged him.

He had a couple of bucks with the saddle but nothing that was a big deal at all. Considering not even three weeks ago he was scared to death just to lunge, and now he's working smoothly and calmly with a saddle on makes me so incredibly happy!

Moose unfortunately (for me--fortunately for him) was passed over today because Grandma invited me to go to town to eat with her, my uncle, and my cousin's family. It was a fun time, but Moose--buddy, you're up for your workout tomorrow!!

Every Moose has his day,


Sydney_bitless said...

Paula makes that saddle seem tiny compared to the other two.

Jessie McCandless said...

LOL! Yep, she is MUCH bigger than her siblings. She's just a hair shy of 15.3H. Bambi and Fabian are barely 14H, poor short kids....

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

The horses look great! Paula looks like she'd be really fun to ride:) Have a great week.

Krazy Cindy said...

Ah, give the shorties time to grow :-P I am hoping Zep is done growing taller, I just want him to concentrate on filling out now! You are getting so much done with your kids, you make me feel like a slacker!

Jessie McCandless said...

Thanks, Jennifer--she is a lot of fun. She tries so hard and is so smooth and quiet. :)

Ha! Yes, KC--the kids will grow. Paula grew 2" this year and she's four, so they have lots more time, although Fabian's cannon bones are so short, this might be it for him LOL. I really am so far behind on working them all! It just seems like I'm accomplished because these Eddie kids are so easy to train that they don't require any repeats (thank goodness for me!!) LOL