Monday, October 18, 2010

Let There Be Light...for my Equids

I didn't get to work Moose yesterday as I had hoped. Dad stopped by and we planned out adding some new lights in the back.

I used to have a working vapor light out behind the barn, which was handy for feeding in the winter when it's dark 99% of the time (or at least feels like it). In case you don't know what a vapor light is, it's basically a farm light that comes on at dusk and turns off at dawn.

In 2007 an ice storm took out all the wires all over the farm and my dad only had the one for the house hooked back up, which was fine since the others were ran through old, delapidated buildings (can you say "fire hazard?).

Obviously it's not going to work out too well to try to feed in total darkness, so Dad is helping me get some lights set up in the back. I did get a quote to have an electrician do it: $1800. Yes, that's almost TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS for two stink'n lights!! So, Dad is helping me run the lines myself, so I can spend considerably less on the electrician part.

Not only will I save a lot of money, but I'll also be able to prepare to add lights to my new shelter later on next spring, and get an extra vapor light in my backyard (so if I need to go out to the shelter at night, I'll be able to see. Yippee!!

So after many hours spent in Home Depot yesterday, we got everything we needed except the wire and the pvc pipe (so those rascally moles won't be able to chew through the wire). Perhaps by the end of the month I'll have a working vapor light out back.

My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades,


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