Sunday, October 24, 2010

Let There Be Light...Part 2!

You wouldn't think that trenching about 300 feet, running conduit (pvc pipe) and wire would be hard work, but believe is!

It's especially hard work when we haven't had rain in FOREVER, and the ground is like cement, until it's out of the ground, then it's dust.

It's also a bit more difficult when you discover that REAL cement is buried along your trenchline (sigh).

But thanks to Dad, we managed to get it done.

By Saturday morning, the entire line was trenched and ready for the next step.

Saturday afternoon we went to the city for some pvc pipe and the electrical line. We had bought everything else we needed the previous week. Once we got home, we started laying out the pvc pipe.

We got the electrical line pulled through and all the pieces of PVC pipe glued together.

Paula was willing to help, but she lacks opposable thumbs.

The line went in...

...and it was all covered up! Viola!!!

We ran 12 guage to the vapor light, but a lot bigger wire was needed for the breaker box we're putting in out in the back yard (which the outbuildings will connect to later).

After measuring out 150 feet of 6-guage wire clear down the driveway, we managed to get it threaded through the PVC without issue.

We also got the post set!

The line was ran...

...and covered up!!

It's all ready to go now. Just need lights and the breaker box on the pole, and then everything hooked up! Later on I'll get a second outbuilding like the one I got this year, and we'll run electricity to those as well.

It's hard to believe I've been here for less than a year. I would have never guessed when I moved in that we'd have a new shelter, new lights and so many other things done already. I love it here, and think that the future of my little farm is very bright indeed!! :)



CCC said...

Lights! Action!

Sydney_bitless said...

big tip for getting line through long pipe. Tie a whole bunch of baling twine together or even better if you have a roll not cut/tied, put it into the pipe and get an air compressor. Put air into said pipe and blow the baling twine to the other end. Make sure you hang on to the other end though. Tie the twine to the wire and pull it through once it makes it to the other end.
My great boyfriend taught me that, hes a genius I tell ya.

Jessie McCandless said...

Thanks, Sydney. We did manage to pull it through all the pipe really well with a threader, but thanks! We had to buy one to work on the house anyway, so no big deal. Your BF's idea is a hoot, though! Very cool!!!

Jessie McCandless said...

Heh, and I don't know about "action." I'm moving pretty slowly these days! Ha!!!