Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beyond Fabulous (Bambi)

This is Bambi.

She's probably the prettiest horse on the place, and I think she knows it. It's hard to tell from the photos, but when you see her in person, she is really almost stunning. She's very small, but she packs a lot on that small frame of hers, and combined with her big eyes, her beautifully strong features, and that coppery red coat, she's fairly easy on the eyes.

Bambi is currently registered with the American Quarter Horse Association as "Beyond Fabulous." Her APHA (paint horse) registration is pending. Since she's solid I had put off her paint registration. Hopefully the same name is still available!

Bambi's sire is Eddie, whose pedigree I've already detailed. Her dam is simply known as Cilla.

She looks like her momma, doesn't she?

Cilla's sire was An Encore Please, who sired some halter winners, but I've never been able to find out much more about him. His sire was An Obvious Encore, earner of 47 halter points but once again, I can find no picture of him. His sire, in turn, was the legendary Obvious Conclusion, pictured here.

Obvious Conclusion was a World Champion and sire of many World Champions, AQHA Champions, and halter-winning producers.

An Obvious Encore's maternal grandsire was World Champion Imprimis.

An Encore Please's maternal grandsire was Hard Times Charlie, who isn't really well known, but was a fairly prolific sire of all-round horses in Missouri.

He doesn't look like much in this picture, but he surprisingly sired pretty nice, correct horses. I always admired him as a stallion, despite his lack of notoriety and this poor picture.

Cilla's maternal grandsire is Beyond Measure.

Beyond Measure was a World Champion and a Congress Champion at halter. He was also sired by Obvious Conclusion (see above).

Bambi is my most "Three Bars" horse--she traces back to him 19 times. She has a lot of halter breeding, but is also a very cute mover. Because of her height (or lack thereof), I won't have the opportunity to put any breed halter points on her, but I do hope I can show her at open shows in the years to come. One day, when the timing is right, I hope to breed her to pass along these great genes, and those of her sire, but until that time, Bambi will be a career girl, and our pasture's little beauty queen.



Anonymous said...

Love the name, and she's a beauty with some wonderful ancestors - and you know how much I like Three Bars!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Of course she knows she's beauty. Just look at her. What a presence she has. Then again she's blessed with some gorgeous ancestors.

Jessie McCandless said...

Thanks so much Kate! I was lucky that the name hadn't been taken. She was near death at 2 months old and when I named her, I never thought she'd grow into her name (I just thought it was a cute use of both her parents ancestry), but she really did--it's amazing how well she recovered. I'm very thankful to have her :)

Jessie McCandless said...

Thank you Arlene!! I'm really very proud of her. She's quite a character, too--she has a lot of her daddy's attitude :)

Annette said...

There isn't anything prettier than a copper penny chestnut standing in the sun. My favorite color!

Anonymous said...

Me too, love Three Bars. She's got to be good with so much of him in her. It was my experience that Three Bars had strong genes. The get out of our old stalion (Three Bars grandson) all had a certain look, and mostly sorrels.