Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Winter Storm

I woke up Monday morning to our first snow of the season.

We only had a couple of inches at first, but it made for a pretty, albiet cold, sight.

Charlie, my 13 year-old Aussie, typically doesn't get very excited about much of anything, but today was different. This is his kind of weather!

By the way, for future reference, this is Charlie's "excited" face.

The horses didn't even seem to mind the cold that much. They had their turnout blankets and shelter, and the water tanks stayed ice-free with the heaters working well all through the night.

I also let them have as much hay as they could eat. I went through 4-75 pound bales in just one day (for 5 horses), but it was worth it to keep their internal furnaces working!

While the early morning wasn't all that cold, when I went out at noon it was a different story. The wind had kicked up, the temps had dropped, and it was time for some much needed "lunch" for the horses--more hay to keep them warm.

After chores, it was time for me to go inside and get warm. I was so glad I could work from home today. These white-out conditions were treacherous.

This weekend Dad came over and got my second heater installed. It's working great and keeps the place really toasty.

The kitties curled up and kept themselves toasty, too....

After I was done with work, I treked out for evening chores. The sun had finally made an appearance, signaling, perhaps, that the storm was over.

I'd like to think that on many levels, the storm is over. I can only hope....



smazourek said...

Is there adequate snow removal equipment where you are? Up here snow is no big deal but we have plows galore. I learned what a difference that makes when I was living in Washington, DC during a blizzard. Took them over a week to move a foot of snow.

Nicole said...

Great photos! We have sunshine today for our snow which makes it even prettier... go figure I can't find my camera (I think it's still in my husbands truck) :(

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I take it Charlie's an understated kind of fellow?!

Lovely pictures of your storm - hope the worst is over :)

Annette said...

I love the picture of the cats and the last one after the snow stopped. I've been hearing a lot about your weather on the news. Hang in there! (stay close to that furnace).

Jessie McCandless said...

Shannon, they do a fair job. The highway wasn't too bad but the other streets are still pretty snow-packed. It does make a lot of difference how fast the road crews are!

Thank you, Nicole! That sucks--I don't know what I'd do without my camera! LOL

Thanks Calm--Charlie is definitely an understated feller--his greatest ambition in life is to be a rug :)

Thank you, too, Annette! Yes, those two were my favorites, too. I got very lucky with the sunset photo...it just happened to turn out perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I love your cat picture. Glad you're staying warm.

Rising Rainbow said...

The dogs here seem to love the snow as well. They get pretty wound up. LOL

Jessie McCandless said...

Yep, the dogs get pretty wound up, until about the five-minute mark hits and then they are ready to go inside! LOL

Thank you, the picture of the cats turned out a lot cuter than I expected. I'm lucky we got the heater in before this cold, or it would have been miserable!